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Because Brighter Solutions provides services, as opposed to a product, our advantages are only as strong as our performance

We replace the aging parts and components of existing lighting systems with more efficient, better quality, modern LED lights. Providing our customers with better illumination, while decreasing their energy expenditure.

This option allows us to take the essential components of the existing fixtures and replace them with efficient and better-quality driver and lamps.

We install quality fixtures and controls for lights in every area of our client's business. This includes highbays, can, cove, recessed or service mounted track lights, display lights, accent lighting and even vapor tight lights.

Providing the same level of care outside as we do inside, the exterior lighting fixtures, we install, illuminate the area surrounding the building and increase safety and security.

By doing a comprehensive onsite walkthrough of an existing facility we document the current lighting conditions and determine where energy savings and safety changes can be made.

We offer scheduled maintenance and troubleshoot outages to ensure locations have adequate lighting so our clients can maintain a safe and functional working environment.