General Questions

We are a family oriented / Veteran owned company that values an honest relationship with our Customers and Employees.
Safety takes a commitment from all personnel within our organization. It is the policy of Brighter Solutions to provide a work environment that is inherently safe for everyone.
We ensure proper communication after each day on site and will provide reliable updates for the project managers and store contacts. We take on the process that our clients use and streamline the reporting and paperwork to fit the needs of managers from start to finish.
During our walkthroughs, we take the time to understand what areas will be upgraded and how the installation will affect customers. We are mindful to protect store products, put back any displays or objects we have moved, and always clean up after each shift. We can provide safety or ground technicians, when working in larger occupied areas where safety may be a concern.

LED Facts

LED lighting costs only a third as much to use. With the correct controllers i.e., sensors, programmable switches with Bluetooth or other capabilities, those numbers can be drastically lower.
Old outdated lighting such as Fluorescent and CFLs, halogen and metal Halide are being phased out and will no longer be available.
The color temperature determines the light color of an LED lamp. Through drivers or ballasts designed for LED lighting, warm and cold light colors can be achieved to match the existing output.
When retrofitting, direct wiring, or re-lamping and re-ballasting you can put LED lamps or kits in a fluorescent fixture. With some bulb sizes it can be as simple as taking the old lamp out and putting the new LED in.

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